Dr. Girish Mittal is Selected for 10 game-changing CEOs shaping the future of business

New Delhi [India], August 29 (ANI/PNN): Innovation, perseverance, and commitment to excellence define these Top 10 CEOs, who have successfully navigated their companies through tough times and reshaped the business landscape.adidas yeezy boost adidas factory outlet lace front wig human hair best nfl uniforms nfl shop steelers nike air max for sale adult sex toys youth football uniforms best sex toys for women custom nfl jersey nike air jordan 4 black custom football jerseys youth football uniforms custom basketball jerseys Human Hair wig for sale

  1. Dr. Girish Mittal

Dr. Girish Mittal has founded various other ventures aimed at making a positive impact in different areas. Pethelpz focuses on assisting animals in need, while Buildew focuses on the development and provision of construction products and related services. Stallion Pod is dedicated to cloud kitchen services and also offers capsule hotel facilities. Nexone Energy focuses on renewable energy solutions, including biocoal, solar, and biofuel. Megastore99 is a store that offers a diverse selection of new gadgets, all priced below Rs. 99. Tanquin is known for providing luxurious jewelry. Printpacker specializes in offering comprehensive printing services. Tift is an event organizing company that incorporates research work into their events. Startupsuvidha serves as a platform that offers a wide range of services, including finance, audit services, loan services, bill payment services, and tourism services. It collaborates with 18 international companies as well as various national companies. Lastly, Mittcons Solutions provides information technology services, campaign management, analytics services, and business consultancy services. In addition to his investments in 50 online businesses spanning diverse sectors such as education and services, Dr. Mittal holds the position of director at Think Tank, a renowned center for Public Policy Analysis. Moreover, he proudly serves as a distinguished member of the esteemed International Investor Council. Beyond his business ventures, Dr. Girish Mittal’s accomplishments extend to the sporting arena, where he owns a team in the Horse Premier League and wrestling. Additionally, he has traveled to over 100 countries before the age of 27, a remarkable feat for an Indian entrepreneur.

2. Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar, a native of Lailunga, a tribal area in Raigarh district, is the founder and Chairman of Eklavya Computer Institute and E.I.T College in Chhattisgarh. His mission is to bring a revolution in education, and he started the Eklavya Education Group seven years ago to achieve this goal. Ashish Kumar has taken several initiatives to connect the people of his region to computers and digital education. As a result, he was elected as the president of the Chhattisgarh Education Association and participated in many digital education awareness programs in colleges and schools.

Recently, Ashish Kumar established a college under the Eklavya Society that offers various courses. He serves as the elected President and Founder of the college. His dedication and tireless efforts have helped to bridge the digital divide in his area. Ashish Kumar’s work is an inspiration to many, and he is a beacon of hope for those who wish to bring about a positive change in their communities through education.

3. Dimple Pandhi

House name sign is more than just simple piece of decor. It is a reflection of the personality and identity of the homeowner. Dimple Pandhi, the CEO of Dsignz, understands this concept very well. Her boutique design studio offers a range of personalized nameplates, wall decor, and other home accessories that reflect individualism and elegance. She has carved a niche for herself.

Dimple’s passion for calligraphy and typography has led her to create some of the most stunning name signs and brand logos. She combines traditional calligraphic forms with modern, abstract, and religious themes to create products that are unique and soulful.

Dsignz’s bespoke business model offers identity theme-based products that customers will love to buy, get as gifts, or use. Dimple’s attention to detail and impressive craftsmanship have earned her a reputation among B-town celebs, corporate personalities, and NRIs. Her products have been used by corporates like the Cricket Club of India, INS Vikramaditya Aircraft Carrier, Conwood Paragon, and many fashion brands. www.dsignz.in

4. Harish Acharya and Falguni Soni

ZOYA NAIL SPA, owned by Harish Acharya and Falguni Soni, offers a wide range of nail care and beautifying services in a serene environment. The spa is committed to delivering high-quality products to promote healthy nails and skin, ensuring that each visit is a pleasurable experience for clients. ZOYA NAIL SPA stands out for its focus on hygiene, safety, and service standards, earning a reputation for its commitment to client service, safety, and well-being of its technicians. The spa offers customized services, including custom-designed nail art and relaxing spa treatments for hands and feet. It also provides party room packages for bachelorette and kid’s spa parties. ZOYA NAIL SPA is not just a nail salon; it’s a sanctuary for relaxation and indulgence, making it the ultimate destination for quality nail care and beautifying services. www.zoyanailspa.com

5. Jitender Chawla

Smebizz is a digital advertising, PR & Brand Building agency with a core vision of driving business growth for entrepreneurs. As the CEO of Smebizz, Jitender Chawla strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship and the role it plays in creating jobs for society. With his expertise in sales, marketing, brand building, advertising and finance, Jitender leads Smebizz in providing value-added services to clients with a money-back guarantee.

Smebizz not only supports entrepreneurs and industrial associations but also social causes and events. Jitender emphasizes the importance of observing time, learning from mistakes, and listening to everyone. Challenges in business are seen as opportunities to learn and to explore new streams of income.

As a person, Jitender strives to be a good human being and to continuously improve the products and services offered by Smebizz for the betterment of clients and society. With its focus on business growth and commitment to its clients, Smebizz stands out as a leading agency in the digital advertising and PR Brand Building space. www.smebizz.com

6. Nitin Chawla

Nitin Chawla, a prominent leader in India’s modern tech startup scene, founded OneDios, an innovative platform revolutionizing the after-sales service experience for customers. His exceptional leadership has fostered strong partnerships with leading brands, enhancing consumer sales and ownership experiences.

Under Nitin’s adept guidance, OneDios has become the go-to platform for customers seeking efficient and hassle-free after-sales services. The company has formed strategic alliances with industry behemoths like Daikin, Voltas, and Hitachi, providing a comprehensive range of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

Nitin’s recent introduction of branded extended warranties has skillfully positioned OneDios to offer increased value and assurance to its customers. These warranties protect consumers from unexpected repair costs, boosting their confidence in their purchases.

Nitin’s visionary approach has transformed OneDios into a reliable, customer-centric platform committed to delivering top-notch services. With his deep industry insight, Nitin has steered OneDios towards creating cutting-edge solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of contemporary consumers. www.onedios.com

7. Rohan Chopra

Rohan Chopra, an exceptional student, was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Merit by C.B.S.E. for his outstanding performance in Accountancy during his 12th standard. He went on to pursue his passion for accounting and business by completing a B.Com. Hons. degree at Delhi University and starting his career in auditing with EY.

After being informed of the demand for US CPAs in India, Rohan decided to switch careers and pursue his true passion for public speaking. He became a visiting faculty member for 12 prominent private universities across India, sharing his expertise in CPA/CMA. This teaching experience eventually led him to start his own Ed-Tech firm, where he has helped thousands of students across India achieve their academic goals.

Rohan’s journey serves as a testament to his dedication and hard work, which have allowed him to achieve great success and follow his true passion in life. www.edumontclasses.com

8. Suryaji Kamble

Suryaji Kamble is not only a CMD of Dipankar Group of Companies but a leader who is flexible, adaptable, and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of their companies. He is able to navigate through the complexities of the business landscape, identify emerging trends, and make strategic decisions to ensure long-term success in all businesses.

He is not afraid to take risks and is willing to embrace new ideas and technologies. He is also highly skilled in communication, both internally and externally, and can effectively convey their vision and goals to stakeholders.

To be a dynamic CMD, one must possess a strong work ethic, a passion for innovation, and a willingness to learn and grow.

Ultimately, a dynamic CMD is a driving force behind their organization’s growth, success, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. The company’s tagline says it all “Helping people to make people happy” www.dipankarglobal.com

9. Vandana Sharma

Meet the most powerful healer of all times and the TIME Herself- Vandana Sharma. The superwoman of the 21st century and the Founder & Chairperson of Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited is known to be blessed with superpowers and the most powerful and the purest form of divine energy in this universe- Power of Powers to heal everything and anything.

Sharma is the daughter of the Power of Powers who can help you to meet- Time. With her supernatural act or force, she has been said to control time, defy all the laws of the universe, and accomplish feats that are considered beyond human capabilities. With her supreme Power of Powers energy healing technique, she has been able to heal more than 20000 people across the globe who were suffering from physical complications as severe as Cancer, Autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and coma patients, and even rescued people from natural and man-forced calamities. The self-taught healing professional is also a business tycoon, philanthropist, and influencer. Moreover, she has invented the unique SaEnergy Astrology and SaEnergy Vastu. Sharma’s inventions and contributions have made her a prominent global figure. www.sekhemhealingcentre.com

10. Venugopal R

Venugopal R, is the founder and CEO of Millerstores, a highly successful condiment and spice retail chain based in Kerala. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Venugopal started the business two years ago and has since opened eight outlets, with plans to expand further.

The primary aim of Millerstores is to provide customers with a completely transparent shopping experience, offering condiments, spices and cooking oils free of harmful chemicals. Millerstores backs these claims by displaying reports revealing not only the origin, breed but also the presence of pesticides (if any) in the products. This is inline with the founder’s ethics in ensuring that customers should be fully informed about their purchases.

Venugopal’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction has made Millerstores a game-changer in the food retail industry, where adulteration and pesticide laden products are prevalent. This revolutionary approach means that MillerStores is now a brand that is trusted and respected in the community.

With Venugopal’s leadership, Millerstores is set to continue growing and making a positive impact on the food industry in India and beyond. www.millerstores.com

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